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We are a fast growing company and due to our robust growth, we took it on ourselves to enter the field of Tea production. It was a challenge we took on with delight – delivering tea that could be brewed faster, and yet tasted exactly how customers have always expected. To experience the flavor as a full-bodied Indian chai – bring water to a boil and add tea powder. When it comes to a full boil, add milk and wait till it boils again. Reduce to a simmer and add sugar. Take it off the burner, strain and serve piping hot.

Tea is manufactured using the best technology. The tea enters a chamber from which all air and moisture (which could otherwise foul the tea) is removed, and then, untouched by human hands, it is weighed and packed. This is our way of telling you we’ve kept our promise, that every cup you brew will be from the best tea leaves selected exclusively!

We pack tea with best packing material to prevent any kind of contamination. As per diverse requirements of the customers, we offer superior quality in:

  • Tendril CTC
  • Tendril Green Tea
  • Tendril Leaf Tea